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Insertion Zone Disclosure Number: IPCOM000116836D
Original Publication Date: 1995-Nov-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Mar-31
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Disclosed is a graphical technique for inserting icons into a subpanel.

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Insertion Zone

      Disclosed is a graphical technique for inserting icons into a

      Some graphical user interfaces have a front panel or launch pad
which provides easy access to applications and data files.  These
front panels typically provide subpanels which are containers for
program and data icons.  Examples of graphical environments with
front panels are the Common Desktop Environment and OS/2 Warp*.

      The present invention is an insertion zone to provide easy
addition of icons to subpanels.  The insertion zone is represented by
an icon on the front panel.  The user can drag an application or data
icon from a folder, toolbox, or the desktop to the insertion zone
icon and then drop it.  The application or data icon is then added to
the subpanel above the insertion icon.  This is advantageous because
it means the user will no longer have to go looking through
to find the icon.  Users can access the icon by opening the subpanel
which is always available from the front panel of the desktop.

      The insertion zone allows the user to add application icons to
the subpanel even when the subpanel is not visible.

      The icon shows a set of arrows designed to indicate the
movement of the icon from the drop zone (insertion icon) to their
resting place on the subpanel.
  *  Trademark of IBM Corp.