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Helical-Scan Optical-Tape Head Disclosure Number: IPCOM000117963D
Original Publication Date: 1996-Jul-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Mar-31
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Disclosed is a head assembly for a helical-scan optical-tape drive.

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Helical-Scan Optical-Tape Head

      Disclosed is a head assembly for a helical-scan optical-tape

      The Figure shows a schematic diagram of the helical-scan
optical-tape head 100.  The optical head is composed of a Rotating
Optical Assembly 110 and a pair of identical Fixed Electro-Optical
Assemblies (FEOA) 120 and 130.  The ROA provides the interface
between the optical tape and the beams supplied by the FEOA.  The
FEOAs supply optical beams 125 and 135 to the ROA  along the axis of
rotation of the ROA, 180.  Both the FEOAs and the ROA are canted at
an angle to the optical tape to provide the helical scan effect.

      Each FEOA contains a two dimensional laser array of N elements,
121 and 131.  The number of laser elements, N, that are used depends
upon the performance desired.  The laser array is collimated by the
focus actuator, 122 and 132, and transmitted to the leaky beam
splitter, 123 and 133.  A more elaborate focus actuator-collimator
may be incorporated depending upon the optical beam characteristics
desired.  The focus actuator ensures that the image of the laser
array formed on the optical tape is in near perfect focus.

      The leaky beam splitter transmits a portion of the collimated
laser beam to the ROA.  The leaky beam splitter also transmits a
portion of the returning beam from the ROA to the data and servo
detection assemblies 124 and 134.  The beam transmitted to the ROA is
deviated by exactly 90 degrees by the...