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Automated Consumer Notification of Advertised and In-Store Specials Disclosure Number: IPCOM000117965D
Original Publication Date: 2005-Mar-31
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Mar-31
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Disclosed is a technique for automatically notifying consumers of advertised and in-store specials, to improve the matching of consumers to on-sale products.

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Automated Consumer Notification of Advertised and In -Store Specials


Consumers will often enter a store (e.g. grocery, home improvement) without being aware of locally advertised and in-store specials. The vendor misses the opportunity to match a prospective buyer with a sale item due to this lack of information. Some vendors try to remedy this by distributing advertising fliers to customers when they enter a store, but this distribution method is inefficient since it is dependent on the manual distribution and receipt of information, often requiring a direct person-to-person exchange. In addition, advertising is usually only printed in one language (e.g. English), and with the increase in consumers for whom the local language is not their first language, the store misses an opportunity to match consumers with advertised products.

Invention Summary:

This invention automatically notifies consumers of advertised and in-store specials as they enter a store, in the language of the consumer's choice, without the need for the manual distribution of information, and without requiring a direct person-to-person exchange. This improves the potential for the store to match a customer with an advertised or in-store special.


When a consumer enters a store, they will be provided with a presentation device, with an interactive user-interface, which displays the advertised and in-store specials, along with the option to choose the language in which the i...