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Remote Driven Remote File Update

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000118409D
Original Publication Date: 1997-Jan-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Apr-01
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Disclosed is a Remote File Update initiated by remote client terminals.

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Remote Driven Remote File Update

      Disclosed is a Remote File Update initiated by remote client

      In most cases, conventional client/server systems have a remote
file update capability, which is done by a server (host) system.
This requires the client system to be always connected to the server
for a file transfer to update a file in the client system.  However,
this solution is expensive due to a high communication cost in a
public switched network in particular.  In the Internet environment
where a public switched network is used, an on-demand Internet
connection is a  solution to reduce the communication cost.  With an
on-demand Internet  connection, a client system calls a server system
only when it needs to  communicate with a server system.  This
invention allows a remote file  update in this on-demand Internet
connection, as shown in the Figure.
  1.  A remote client calls (file transfer protocol (ftp)
       connection) a server system when it is powered on.
  2.  A remote client asks a server system to download a file
       with a predefined file name.  The file has a list of file
       names to be downloaded from a server system to a remote
       client system.
  3.  The files are downloaded one by one from a server system
       to a remote client system.  A remote client system updates
       all the files in a remote client system upon a successful
       completion of all...