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Particle-Mixed Adhesive Disclosure Number: IPCOM000118536D
Original Publication Date: 1997-Mar-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Apr-01
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Disclosed is a method to use particle-mixed adhesive for a very flat surface.

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Particle-Mixed Adhesive

      Disclosed is a method to use particle-mixed adhesive for a very
flat surface.

      This invention is to use mixed adhesive with known sized
particles as adhesive to be used between very flat surfaces to obtain
enough strength for adhesion.

      Cyano Acrylate adhesive can effectively work with one
micrometer spacing between objects.  Currently, surface flatness of
itself has this space.  However, recent hard disk drives require
tighter flatness of magnetic sliders.  There is little space to fit
the adhesive between the magnetic sliders and suspensions.
Consequently, it  is difficult to keep stable peel-off strength
without having any spacers.

It was found that particles can work as one micrometer sized spacers.

      The manufacturing process of magnetic heads for Hard Disk
Drives employing this invention is:
  1.  to mix adhesive and particles of one micrometer size, and
  2.  to use the mixed adhesive for attach head sliders and head

Application example:
  1.  Mix Cyano Acrylate adhesive and Polystyrene latex (PSL)
  2.  Put the mixed adhesive between a magnetic head slider and
       a suspension.
  3.  Give pressure.
  4.  Cure the adhesive.