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Zoned-Texture Tape Disclosure Number: IPCOM000118814D
Original Publication Date: 1997-Jul-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Apr-01
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Disclosed is a method of zone-texturing Thin Film Disks.

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Zoned-Texture Tape

      Disclosed is a method of zone-texturing Thin Film Disks.

      The ongoing increase in storage density demands a
zoned-textured disk with the following properties:
  o  smooth circumferential structure in the datazone
  o  rough structure in the landingzone
  o  short transition zone between datazone and landingzone, and
  o  minimum difference in height between datazone and landingzone

      These requirements can be perfectly achieved by using a tape
with low aggressive properties in the datazone (smooth) and high
aggressive properties in the landingzone (rough).

      These properties are achieved by providing a tape with fixed
abrasives of different sizes or by using a free abrasive process.  In
the free abrasive process, a slurry (SiC-based, diamond-based, etc.)
is brought to the tape/disk interface.  Due to the different
absorbency, imbedding, particle carrying and damping properties of
the selected tape materials for free abrasive processing, the
roughness difference is achieved.

The tape differences between datazone and landingzone are:
  o  tape thickness
  o  pile height
  o  pile density
  o  pile diameter
  o  pile material
  o  fiber angle
  o  tape type woven/flocked

The two textiles can be combined by using adhesive tape as a backing.

The advantages of this process are:
  o  only one process step is needed
     - no additional equipment
     - no additional cleaning cycle
  o  min...