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Displaying Web Pages in Frames Disclosure Number: IPCOM000119065D
Original Publication Date: 1997-Nov-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Apr-01
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Disclosed is a method for presenting multiple web pages simultaneously.

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Displaying Web Pages in Frames

      Disclosed is a method for presenting multiple web pages

      Users often want to look at more than one web page at a
time.  This is not easily accomplished today.  The user must open
multiple browser windows and arrange them on the display so that they
are visible simultaneously.  This often requires scaling the windows
to a smaller size in which case much of the web page is scrolled out
of view.

      A technique is needed to allow the user to easily see multiple
web pages at once and see enough of each page to be useful.

      This solution allows the user to invoke a function or setting
in the browser which specifies that additional web pages the user
navigates to should be opened in the same window.  The window then
subdivides into a frame for each web page.  The contents of each web
page are scaled to fit the frame.  This is similar to the concept of
thumbnails used in image editing applications.

      Several pages can be viewed and compared at once.  Limits can
be set on the number of frames to display or deactivate the feature
when desired.  Any of the frames can be selected and zoomed up to
fill the window.

This feature makes it easy to compare and navigate between several
web pages.