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Floating Calender Events Disclosure Number: IPCOM000119079D
Original Publication Date: 2005-Apr-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Apr-01
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Disclosed is a high level algorithm that implements floating calendar events in a calendar application.

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Floating Calender Events

Today we use personal calendars to view our daily, weekly, or monthly schedules, including reminders, anniversaries, all day events, and appointments. As we create calendar entries for our personal calendars, it can be quite useful for us to customize the time dependency on new calendar events. For instance, some calendar entries require definitive (needs to happen at a specific instance) time slots ( Meeting A must happen from 9am - 10am) . However some meetings do not need explicit time constraints and can happen during a floating interval of time. For instance, a user wants to get a flu shot and that event can occur within some time interval (12pm - 4pm). In this scenario no explicit deadline is required as long as the event takes place within the 12pm - 4pm interval time slot. In this disclosure we modify default calendaring functionality so that calendar entries physically consume some of our free time within a user specified time frame.

The algorithm below describes a high level algorithm that details how a floating calendar event would be implemented based on a single individuals calendar. Note that this concept can also be extended to a collaboration of individuals.

Algorithm - Individual Scheduling Feature
1. User (U1) schedules individual (no participants are involved) floating interval event - a floating interval event is defined as occurring within some user specified time I (Interval) - (12pm - 4pm) from ST (Start Time) to ET...