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Filtering Internet Content Disclosure Number: IPCOM000119175D
Original Publication Date: 1997-Dec-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Apr-01
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Disclosed is a method for replacing objectionable content on web pages.

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Filtering Internet Content

      Disclosed is a method for replacing objectionable content on
web pages.

      Pages on the web sometimes contain content some people find
objectionable.  Some people do not use the web for this reason.  For
example, parents may forbid their children from using the web for
fear they will encounter objectionable content.  If this content can
be filtered, it will increase the number of people willing to use the

      One form of objectionable content is text.  For example,
swearing.  The present invention filters out objectionable text.

      The filter may be implemented as a feature of the web browser
or as a plug-in to the browser.  When a web page is received by the
browser, the filter program analyzes the content.  Any words in the
objectionable content list are deleted or replaced with something
else.  The web page is then displayed as modified by the filter.

      The list of objectionable words can be provided by the author
of the filter and may be edited or added to by the user.  The user
may also choose what to replace the objectionable words with.

      Search and replace of text in a Hyper Text Markup Language
(HTML) file is a simple operation so implementation of this idea is
not difficult.