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Method for Domain Server Load Balancing Disclosure Number: IPCOM000119191D
Original Publication Date: 1996-Mar-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Apr-01
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Disclosed is a method for balancing the load of domain servers.

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Method for Domain Server Load Balancing

      Disclosed is a method for balancing the load of domain servers.

      In many Network Operating Systems (NOSs), a network domain
consists of one or more servers.  Resources within the domain can be
distributed across these servers.  A network "alias" is a nickname
given to a resource; by using the nickname, the true location of the
resource is hidden.

      In many NOSs, command-line operations dealing with domain
objects such as aliases relied on the domain primary server (the
"domain controller") for information retrieval and command
resolution.  Other servers in the domain were seldom utilized for
such operations, resulting in poor use of their resources.

      The following mechanism was developed to solve this problem.
First, a configuration parameter was added as an attribute of domain
objects such as user accounts and alias definitions.  This parameter
controls the referential server; this is the server used for common
user queries against replicated resources.  Such queries might
include time/date lookup, alias resolution (determining where an
aliased resource resides for connection or browsing purposes), user
account display or modification, or updates to user attributes such
as desktop network applications.  By attributing each domain object
with a particular referential server, an administrator can distribute
network load across many domain servers.

      Second, a load-browsing mechanism...