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Method to let Windows OS Recognize Storage Device with Different Model Number During Device Configuration. Disclosure Number: IPCOM000119254D
Original Publication Date: 2005-Apr-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Apr-01
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Currently on a Windows host system, Subsystem Device Driver (SDD) for Windows is configured and loaded only on storage devices with a specified storage server type and a model number. This method has a drawback of changing device driver code every time we have a new model for already supported storage server type. To circumvent this problem we changed the way the device is reported to the operating system and the way the SDD is installed and un-installed.

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Method to let Windows OS Recognize Storage Device with Different Model Number During Device Configuration.

A program is disclosed that changes the way a device from a storage server is reported and configured in the Windows operating system. Subsystem device driver comprises of a SDD bus driver (SDDBus), SDD disk driver (SDDDisk) and SDD filter driver (SDDFltr). Currently in subsystem device driver for Windows as storage disk or device is recognized based on its storage server type and model of that storage server. Thus when we have new models of the same storage type, we have to change our driver code to support that model of storage server. We devised a method that lets us load subsystem device driver for the device in generic fashion for a storage type and all its models.

For the storage devices under Windows operating system, the port driver constructs the Hardware ID and reports that to the PnP/Configuration manger to facilitate the device installation. Based on this Hardware ID, the configuration manager scans the INF files to load the driver for this device.

SDD filter driver - being a port filter driver, intercepts the Hardware ID string on its way to PnP subsystem and modifies that string to reflect a generic storage server type support. SDD filter driver internally maintains a table with a set of supported devices and a set of supported generic devices. When the SDD filter driver encounters a Hardware ID for the device for which we desire to support all models, it appends a new string at the end of existing Hardware ID string to facilitate the loading of SDD Disk driver in...