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Port Extender Disclosure Number: IPCOM000119416D
Original Publication Date: 1991-Jan-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Apr-01
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This article describes a personal computer (PC) system port extender device.

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Port Extender

      This article describes a personal computer (PC) system port
extender device.

      The extender device disclosed herein expands and maximizes the
available port area at the rear of each port for connectivity

      The extender device attaches to a port connector as shown in
perspective view in the drawing.  The lines exiting the port are
fanned out within the device, for example in the case of the
serial/parallel port, to a 25 pin D shell receptacle for the parallel
port and a 25 pin D shell plug for the serial port.  The fan-out
utilizes the area between the PC support table top and the top of the
machine cover such that it will not be visible from the front of the
system.  As a result, many other combinations of connectors may be
used in this implementation to expand the port capability of a PC

      The thumb screws normally used to attach cables to jack sockets
do not physically fit this type of application.  The port extender
device is secured to the port connector jack sockets by means of two
captive thumb wheel screws.

      The serial and parallel cables are shown for reference

      Disclosed anonymously.