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Automatic Tape Tie Applicator Disclosure Number: IPCOM000120312D
Original Publication Date: 1991-Apr-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Apr-02
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Disclosed is a device for the mechanized application of a tape tie used on signal/sense cable assemblies. Current application is manual. The device will save labor hours.

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Automatic Tape Tie Applicator

      Disclosed is a device for the mechanized application of a
tape tie used on signal/sense cable assemblies.  Current application
is manual.  The device will save labor hours.

      The manual application procedure is shown in Fig. 1. The tape
tie must first be anchored by securing one end of it to a single
cable of the cable bundle.  Once applied to the single cable, the
tape tie is wrapped around the bundle over itself until the adhesive
end is secured.  The cables are fragile and susceptible to handling
damage due to expanded foam dielectrics, small diameter wires, and
thin foils used in their construction.  Tape tie application must be
performed carefully so as not to damage the cables.

      The Automatic Tape Tie Applicator device is a unique mechanism
that successfully deals with the difficulties of tape tie application
around a single cable from the bundle, wrapping with controlled
tension around the bundle while providing positive adhesion of the
end, and performing all operations without damage to the fragile

      Fig. 2 shows the basic components of the automated tape tie
applicator.  The single cable is held in a groove to separate it from
the cable bundle, which is guided on both sides adjacent to the point
of tape tie application.  The cable bundle terminates in a connector
at both ends, and the connector is fixed in a mechanism that indexes
the cable assembly through the applicator to the nex...