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Printing Action Items On a Calendar Disclosure Number: IPCOM000120771D
Original Publication Date: 1991-Jun-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Apr-02
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A simple method is given for printing action items from a computer calendar.

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Printing Action Items On a Calendar

      A simple method is given for printing action items from a
computer calendar.

      Consider a computer calendar system where users can enter
action items, that is, items which have a due date and possibly a
due-from or due-to person assigned, and which system allows the users
to print days' events in the traditional two-page day format.  This
format has the time grid on one page and the list of things to do
and due items on a second page.

      Current art allows the selection of the days to print and the
automatic placement of undone due items on the second page of the
corresponding day. This method, however, does not provide a way to
print overdue and undone action items.  Consider the case when a
person prints the week from the first to the seventh.  These seven
pages will have the due items for the range of days on the
corresponding pages. Items due, however, before the first and undone
are not printed.  From the calendar user's point of view, they are

      A better method is to print undone action items on the first
page printed.  In the above case, since the first through the seventh
are printed, any item due before the first would be printed on the
first.  It is not correct to assume that the new due date is the
first; the due date is still the assigned date--the item is simply
overdue.  For this reason, the item is printed with the assigned due
date in the "when" column on the second page o...