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Soft Touch Roller for Feed Roller Disclosure Number: IPCOM000121867D
Original Publication Date: 1991-Oct-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Apr-03
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Kanno, T: AUTHOR


Disclosed is a soft-touch roller which has a soft body but a hard surface.

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Soft Touch Roller for Feed Roller

      Disclosed is a soft-touch roller which has a soft body
but a hard surface.

      We sometimes need to add slight force to paper medium in the
paper-handling device for the purpose of preventing unexpected
movement of paper and prepare the rubber roller using soft rubber
material. Soft rubber, however, has a high frictional surface, which
causes some troubles for paper handling.

      To achieve the roller having the above characteristics, a
urethane foam roller with "skin" was proposed, but foam material is
actually unstable against high humidity, high temperature and
ultraviolet rays.

      Disclosed in this article is the soft-touch roller having the
above required characteristics.

      Fig. 1 shows the shape of the roller, which has a rim and some
ribs inside.  Based on the experience,the hardness of the rubber
material should be 60 to 90 degrees in Shore-A scale, and the
thickness of rim and ribs is less than 1 mm.

      Fig. 2 shows one example of the application. The feed rollers
for cut form (Fig. 2-1) are made of solid rubber and should be opened
for continuous-form use (Fig. 2-2) because it is fed by a tractor
unit. At that time, continuous form has no resistant force against
the horizontal force caused by horizontal movement of a printhead.

      To prevent this, the rollers (D:14 mm, d:8 mm, t06 mm, W:2.8
mm, 70 deg. in Shore-A scale) are installed on the slot (dia. 8 mm)
of the solid rol...