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Twinaxial to VGA Adapter Disclosure Number: IPCOM000121881D
Original Publication Date: 1991-Oct-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Apr-03
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Behrens, LE: AUTHOR


Described is the concept of a special adapter for the Twinaxial (5250) protocol to a PC/PS VGA display.

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Twinaxial to VGA Adapter

      Described is the concept of a special adapter for the
Twinaxial (5250) protocol to a PC/PS VGA display.

      The item disclosed is the concept of separating the logic
completely from the display for a non-programmable workstation.  This
logic would then be designed to drive the PC/PS/2* family of VGA type
displays with their inherent high volumes, low prices, and rich mix
of available options. This is done by creating an adapter card that
performs the processing of the data stream, in this case the 5250
twinaxial data stream though other protocols (coax, ASCII) could be
processed, to the VGA standard.

      Essentially, the logic is removed from a 5250 display so that a
more common (VGA) display can be used.  The actual hardware is
similar to that used in other 5250 twinaxially connected products
with a VGA display controller added.  The key to this invention is to
separate the logic so that the most current and competitive logic and
displays can be used for each element.  A high degree of integration
is also possible independent of any display requirements.  The
adapter logic could then be imbedded into the system if desired.

      This adapter includes the required processors, memory, keyboard
logic, parallel printer logic, and support logic for the adapter.

      The implementation also allows the system/controller design
areas to make alterations to the adapter logic and/or code giving
independence to the disp...