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Useability Measuring Tool Disclosure Number: IPCOM000121961D
Original Publication Date: 1991-Oct-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Apr-04
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A set of programs is described which automatically measures and comprehensively reports on a useability session.

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Useability Measuring Tool

      A set of programs is described which automatically
measures and comprehensively reports on a useability session.

      Current useability measuring techniques leave much room for
human error in doing correlation between the subject's actions and
problems encountered in specific scenarios. Even human reviews of the
video must be translated onto paper to an analysis form, again
leaving room for error. It is very important to correlate activity
with the application scenarios. Useability evaluation should be a
science, not an art.

      This invention gathers important useability numbers from a
useability session. These numbers can be statistically reported,
cross referenced to specific times or processes during the useability
session and used as input in determining better alternative product
interfaces.  The present invention will consist of a collection of
functions at the device driver level which will be responsible for
monitoring keystrokes, mouse button activations and mouse movement.
Other function at the application level will log scenario events in
time order of code paths to provide correlation of the device
activity with actual product paths and/or scenarios. All functions
log activity into a history file which correlates device activity
with paths/scenarios. Finally, a post- operative program, called the
history file reporter, will be executed against the history file to
produce statistics specifically for evaluating the useability

      Peripheral monitoring and sets of defined application hooks are
required. Activity will be logged in time order to the history file.
The application hooks must contain tagged elements for use by the
history file reporter. A variety of statistical totals/subtotals can
be configured in the history file reporter. The history log format
may vary. More than one type of hook may be placed into product code
in order to facilitate better reporting. This invention produces a
useability session as one interleaved and correlated report without
leaving room for error by human beings doing the correlation. The
computer which the product runs on is the only system required to
yield a complete useability session analysis. Furthermore, the actual
product code is identi...