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Local Area Network to Host Print Server Disclosure Number: IPCOM000121992D
Original Publication Date: 1991-Oct-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Apr-04
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Johnson, WJ: AUTHOR


A program is described which provides convenient and efficient printing and print management of PC workstation files printed on high-end host attached printers.

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Local Area Network to Host Print Server

      A program is described which provides convenient and
efficient printing and print management of PC workstation files
printed on high-end host attached printers.

      Host response time (e.g., VM) is adversely affected when
excessive numbers of users are simultaneously logged on performing
daily activities. Furthermore, host printing methodology forces a
serialization of tasks by making document processing and sending to a
printer hold up all other tasks. Significant host system resources
and execution time are utilized when processing and printing files or
documents, especially when many host IDs are doing that. Uploading
and downloading documents also takes much time. Host CPU time is
expensive. Much time is saved and better response time achieved if
all host users did not have to individually process and print
files/documents manually. Facilitating better host response time and
a productive work environment is ideal.

      When LAN users want a quality print, they often upload a
document to the host, optionally format it on the host, and print it
on a quality host-attached printer (e.g., 3820 laser), all from a
host user id. A procedure which allows efficient workstation use by
preventing laborious synchronous tasks of file uploads for formatting
and printing, waiting to see when printing is complete and
downloading print files for archiving, is needed. A procedure which
facilitates timely workstation activity and reduces host response
time across users is desirable.

      The present invention implements a print server accessible to
LAN users which manages printing documents on host-connected printers
(e.g., 3820). The Print Server runs on a multitasking operating
system, such as OS/2*, and allows LAN users to asynchronously print
on host printers while users use only LAN environment software. The
present invention consists of four main components: a LAN server
manager program, an End User Interface (EUI) to the LAN server
manager, a communications gateway between the LAN and a particular
host, and a host service manager. The LAN server manager manages
spooled documents which are pending for upload to the host for
processing, report of print complete and print queue depth status to
EUI code and receipt of print files for archiving. The EUI provides a
user window into printing, processing (e.g., scripting) and archiving
files/documents which are printed on host printers. The
communications gateway provides functionality for uploading and
downloading distributions and status.  The host service manager
manages host print service conversation and results between the LAN
through protocol implemented in said gateway.

      One embodiment of the present invention consists of providing
LAN access to VM connected printers. The present invention consists
of OfficeVisio...