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Detecting system of unauthorized computers Disclosure Number: IPCOM000122069D
Original Publication Date: 2005-Apr-04
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Apr-04
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Disclosed is a system to keep the network system safe and secure by detecting unauthorized computers in real time. It has 3 advantages 1. Replacing existing Switch to the Switch which supports Network Authentication isn't needed since it works without such particular network device 2. Little increase of network traffic since it doesn't use polling to detect computers 3. Real time detection of unauthorized computer is possible by monitoring network data constantly

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Detecting system of unauthorized computers

Disclosed is a system for detecting unauthorized computers in real time by  monitoring network data.
It works without the Switch which supports Network Authentication, and uses  both MAC address filtering (primary) and IP address filtering  (additionally) to detect unauthorized computers.

This system consists of client and server. 

Figure 1 shows how it works.

Figure 1. How to detect unauthorized computer

1. The server passes the list of MAC address and IP address of authorized  computers to the client
2. An unauthorized computer connects to the network and sends some packet
3. The client which constantly monitors the network data captures the  packet sent by unauthorized computer
4. The client checks if the MAC address or IP address is in the list
5. If not, the client alerts the server about the unauthorized computer.  And the server shows the information of unauthorized computer to the system  manager. 


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