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Distribution Audit Protocol Disclosure Number: IPCOM000122206D
Original Publication Date: 1991-Nov-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Apr-04
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Johnson, WJ: AUTHOR [+2]


A protocol is described which permits auditing of mail distributions over a network.

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Distribution Audit Protocol

      A protocol is described which permits auditing of mail
distributions over a network.

      This article describes a methodology for auditing paths of mail
much like a post office is able to audit where a package is at any
point in time and what was done to the package. The audit is user-
initiated and indicates, for example, whether the distribution has
been sent yet from the originating server, has been received yet by
the receiving server, is in transit at an intermediate node/server/
gateway, has been delivered, purged, filed or encountered a system

      This methodology consists of an application programming
interface (API) which can be used by arbitrary end user interface
(EUI) applications for auditing mail. The API supports the desirable
audit functions. Attributes are maintained with the distribution to
achieve API functionality. The user initiates auditing of a mail item
to find out what happened to it. Full post office audit of the
electronic network environment is implemented.

      The Office Vision*/2 (OV/2) mail TYPE_ENTRY structure is used
as input to the following functions when requesting information for
an item. The TYPE_ENTRY structure uniquely identifies a distribution.
PUBLIC SHORT get_location_info(...);
              // Returns the location of a distribution (location
being TR Address, LU name, Server DGN, RGN and REN) and the time of
arrival (TOA) thereof at any point in time a...