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Printing a Day/ Week Calendar Disclosure Number: IPCOM000122352D
Original Publication Date: 1991-Dec-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Apr-04
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A method is proposed for printing the week time summary and the day todo summary pages at once.

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Printing a Day/ Week Calendar

      A method is proposed for printing the week time summary
and the day todo summary pages at once.

      Consider a computer calendar system which will print day and
week calendar pages. Current art provides for the day pages to have
things to do, calls to make, items due to or from others, as well as
the times and locations of meetings. The day pages have more detail,
even to the point where separate pages can be printed, meetings on
one page and the things due, etc., on one or more other pages. The
week pages currently print two or three days in a column form, one
column for each day, and one for notes. Refer to Fig. 1 for an
example of a day due/call page. Refer to Figs. 2 and 3 for an example
of week pages.  This combination of pages gives a great amount of
detail for the day, as well as space to write during the course of
the days notes, new things to do, and marking things done. The week
pages give a good overview and quick reference for the events of the
whole week, a view not on the day pages. Thus, the user of the
computer calendar system must choose between the overview and
reference of the week pages, and the detail and space on the day
pages. Or the user must print both day and week pages and page
between them.

      A better method is to allow the user to print the todo/due/call
pages for the individual days, and the week time "grid" for the week
summary. This allows the best features of both page types in the