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Mouse with Ears Disclosure Number: IPCOM000122717D
Original Publication Date: 1991-Dec-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Apr-04
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This article describes a mouse with a microphone built into the body.

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Mouse with Ears

      This article describes a mouse with a microphone built into the

      Voice input to computers is likely to increase in the future.
This increase will, in part, be driven by applications for
multi-media systems, including voice capture, telephone applications,
voice recognition, and others.  The current method of input is by a
standard microphone which is usually placed on the desk or attached
to some part of the computer.  However, standard microphones tend to
be relatively large and require a significant amount of desk space.
Also, most people are not comfortable when talking into a microphone.
They tend to feel intimidated and find it difficult to talk naturally
to a microphone. Therefore, they may be less inclined to use
applications which require voice input.  This disclosure describes a
mouse device which alleviates both of these problems.

      The mouse is becoming popular as a standard feature on many
computer systems.  This is particularly true for multi-media systems.
This disclosure proposes a mouse with a microphone built into the
body.  One possible representation of this is shown in the drawing.

      A microphone cartridge is mounted into the mouse body. Since
there is a voltage source present in the mouse, either a dynamic or
electret type could be used, as determined by other factors such as
sensitivity, frequency response, etc. A pre-amp for the microphone
could also be included to improve the signalto-n...