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Spill Resistant Keyboard Disclosure Number: IPCOM000123367D
Original Publication Date: 1998-Oct-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Apr-04
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Horiuchi, M: AUTHOR [+1]


Disclosed is a spill resistant keyboard for a notebook type Personal Computer (PC).

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Spill Resistant Keyboard

   Disclosed is a spill resistant keyboard for a notebook type
Personal Computer (PC).

   Usually the keyboard for a notebook PC has a large
number of small holes along its underside,  The keyboard bezel also
exhibits some small openings along its frame.  In order to protect
the internal components of the PC, the following spill resistant
mechanism has been proposed.

   The keyboard's spill resistant mechanism consists of the
three parts: A, B, and C (as displayed in the attached figure).  The
figure displays a cross-sectional view through the front side of the
keyboard.  Part A of the mechanism consists of a metal base plate,
which has a sidewall similar to that of a bathtub, surrounding the
plate's edge.  Part B is a keyboard bezel with two lips that fit
down, over the top of the base plate's sidewall, thereby forming a
protective seal between the base plate and the inside the PC.  Part C
is a spill protection sheet.  It is affixed to the under side of the
metal base plate, sealing off all the small holes located underneath
the scissor mechanisms of the keyboard.

   The combination of the three parts:  Base Plate, Bezel,
and Spill Resistant Sheet, provides full protection against liquids
(water, coffee, etc.) that might be accidentally spilt on the
keyboard by the user.