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Method to store device specific information in a file's extended attributes. Disclosure Number: IPCOM000123715D
Original Publication Date: 2005-Apr-05
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Apr-05
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A method to optionally store a device's configuration information in an extended attribute in the file system hosting a device special file.

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Method to store device specific information in a file's extended attributes .

Proposed is a software method whereby device configuration information is optionally stored with a physical file system extended attribute. Operating systems such as AIX* keep track of configuration information in a persistent store. When there are a large number of devices such as can be supported on AIX, the persistent store can take significant time to retrieve a single device information from the persistent store. The proposed method would allow for a configuration method to create an extended attribute on the device special file that the physical file system stores as a named extended attribute. The extended attribute would be stored in the file system that owns the special file. While the special file would continue to work as a special file, the extended attribute would store information about the device for faster retrieval.

The config method for a device would add it's information to the persistent store and create an extended attribute from a device special file. This extended attribute is associated with the special file and not the underlying device the special file allows access to. The config method would write the configuration information to the extended attribute. The command for listing information about a device would be changed to optionally query the new extended attribute rather than reading the entries from the persistent store. Reading the information from extend...