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Method of Carrying and Connecting Battery Pack to Forearm-Mounted Computing Device Disclosure Number: IPCOM000124257D
Original Publication Date: 2005-Apr-13
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Apr-13
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A method for improving the availability of power for mobile computing devices through the use of a wearable power source connected to a body-mounted computing device is described.

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Method of Carrying and Connecting Battery Pack to Forearm -Mounted Computing Device

One of the limitations of wearable computers is battery storage. The system designer has to either limit the function of the system to those of a palm pilot/cell phone, or, because of weight, to provide batteries separate from the computing device and linked to it by wires. Typically such battery packs are worn at the waist, carried in a pocket, or in one instance worn as a bandolier. Not only are such locations sometimes uncomfortable, but they raise the problem of how to run the wires from the battery pack to the computing device, especially when wearing a coat, shirt, or blouse, for example.

One way to avoid these problems is to wear the computing device on the forearm like a gauntlet, and wear the battery pack on the upper arm, the two being linked by a lycra, or similar stretchable material, in which the wires are embedded . See figure 1 below.

It is envisaged that the connection of the wires in the lycra to the computing device would be by studs, which can be unfastened quickly, allowing the gauntlet to be removed while leaving the battery pack in place. The embedded wires would have to be embedded in a curvilinear manner so that the curves open out as the lycra stretches. The battery pack can be fastened around the upper arm by Velcro, leather straps or what ever manner pleases the fashion sense of the day.

A representation of such a gauntlet-like computing device is given...