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Bluetooth Wireless Portable Flash Memory Storage Device Disclosure Number: IPCOM000124270D
Original Publication Date: 2005-Apr-13
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Apr-13
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Bluetooth* wireless portable flash memory storage device, to provide wireless flash memory storage.

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Bluetooth Wireless Portable Flash Memory Storage Device

Disclosed is a device that would be used to store data, via flash memory and have the capability to transfer data wirelessly to and from it.

Transmission of data to the device would be conducted over USB bus architecture, exactly like existing "USB flash memory drives," the difference from the disclosed device would be the added feature of being able to communicate and transfer data wirelessly to the flash memory via Bluetooth* wireless technology. The disclosed device would need the assistance of a built in rechargeable battery, so that the wireless functionality could take place while disconnected from a power source, in this case that would be the USB's port. USB ports provide a standard amount of power, when the disclosed device is connected it would recharge the internal rechargeable battery, also while connected the device could function as a standard USB memory drive and/or USB Bluetooth* transceiver. The internal rechargeable battery would be needed to provide power for the Bluetooth* transceiver, as well as the read/write functionality of the flash memory.

The disclosed device presents a unique opportunity; the creation of a "WPAS" (Wireless Personal Area Storage), or some name similar to describe the ability to have the disclosed device standing alone and being able to have multiple computers/Bluetooth* devices access it at the same time thus creating wirelessly shared storage device which could also be considered a WS...