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Drug ordering system Disclosure Number: IPCOM000124445D
Original Publication Date: 2005-Apr-21
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Apr-21
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A program is realizes inputting and placing an order for the place which wants to receive and receive a prescription, and its method at the drug order service terminal installed in the hospital. Moreover, it realizes required being given about the medicine then received.

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Drug ordering system

Generally medicinal prescription hospital outside came to be carried out. However, a prescription is passed to a pharmacy, pharmacy begins from there, a series of flows of receiving waiting and the done medicine do not change at all, and it is not uniquely kept waiting for dozens minutes that, as for the meantime and a patient, medicine is done. Moreover, it is the situation which explanation by the pharmacist is needed about an action of the medicine prescribed when receiving medicine, directions, notes, etc ., and is obliged to the form by face-to-face sales.

On this idea, it realizes inputting and placing an order for the place and method of wanting to receive the prescription taken out with the hospital from the drug order service terminal installed in the hospital . Moreover, it can be then given about the medicine to receive. A patient can apply the waiting time from prescription presentation to a medicinal receipt move time, such as going home, and this enables it to shorten the waiting time to a substantial receipt.



Pharmacy receptionist center

④Registration of an order

Networks, such as the Internet

①The receipt of accounts and a prescription

②The electronic prescription recorded on media, such as FD and an integrated circuit card

③An order of the drug by the terminal

Insertion of a prescription medium Specification of a receipt place and a method Explanation of a drug Settlement of accounts


* Transmission to the appointed pharmacy



⑤Pharmacy ⑥Delivery of a drug

Appointed place

⑤Delivery of a drug

House Office Convenience store

⑦Explanation after a receipt

Prescription data flow Order / explanation data flow Movement of the patient A medicinal flow



(1) The patient who finished the medical examination receives a prescription from a hospital.
(2) In the case of the prescription data processed electronically, process alteration prevention by encryption, the digital certificate, etc.
(3) From this service terminal, connect with a receptionist center and input the following.
A) Specification of a receipt place and a method (delivery to a pharmacy, a convenience store, a house, or office)

      B) Prior explanation (video call center : video library distribution of drug explanation, and explanation of a pharmacist operator) of the drug to receive, print-out of a description

C) Settlement of accounts (a credit card, cybermoney, etc.)
D) Printing of receptionist information and a reference number

In the case of the prescription processed electronically, after order completion gives the exclusive operation for duplication order prevention to a prescription. When the necessary procedure is regularly taken for change of a receipt place and a method, suppose that it is possible.


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(4) And (5) An order is received in the pharmacy center and, in the case of a pharmacy receipt,...