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(6R,12AR)-Methyl-1,2,3,4-Tetrhydro-2-chloroacetyl-1-(3,4-methylenedioxyphenyl)-9H-pyrido-[3,4-B]-indole Disclosure Number: IPCOM000124450D
Publication Date: 2005-Apr-21
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(6R,12AR)-Methyl-1,2,3,4-Tetrhydro-2-chloroacetyl-1-(3,4- methylenedioxyphenyl)-9H-pyrido-[3,4-B]-indole

    (6R,12AR)-Methyl-1,2,3,4-Tetrhydro-2-chloroacetyl-1-(3,4- methylenedioxyphenyl)-9H-pyrido-[3,4-B]-indole, is an intermediate in the preparation of (6R-trans)-6-(1,3-benzodioxol-5-yl)-2,3,6,7,12,12a-hexahydro-2-methyl- pyrazino[1',2':1,6]pyrido[3,4-b]indole-1,4-dione. Its structural formula is as follows:

    Samples of (6R,12AR)-Methyl-1,2,3,4-Tetrhydro-2-chloroacetyl-1-(3,4- methylenedioxyphenyl)-9H-pyrido-[3,4-B]-indole were supplied by Suzhou Wangqing pharmaceutical Co. Ltd., Hangzhou FST chemical Co. Ltd. and Zhejiang Huangyan Yannian Melatonin Co. Ltd, and were analyzed by X-Ray Powder diffraction.

All samples show similar XRD pattern. Main XRD peaks are at: 8.9, 12.6, 13.4,
15.5, 17.9, 20.3, 21.9, 22.8, 24.9 and 26.1 deg.2θ.

    X-Ray Powder Diffraction analysis was performed on ARL (Scintag) X-Ray powder diffractometer model X'TRA, Cu-tube, solid state detector. A round standard sample holder with round zero background plate was used. Scanning parameters: range 2-40 deg.2θ, continuous scan, rate 3 deg/min.











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Fig. 1: XRD diffractogram of (6R,12AR)-Methyl-1,2,3,4-Tetrhydro-2-chloroacetyl-1-(3,4- methylenedioxyphenyl)-9H-pyrido-[3,4-B]-indole (Suzhou Wangqing pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.)

Fig. 2: XRD diffractogram of (6R,12AR)-Methyl-1,2,3,4-Tetrhydro-2-chloroacetyl-1-(3,4- meth...