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Enterprise Library Controller (ELC) Auto Configuration Method Disclosure Number: IPCOM000124469D
Original Publication Date: 2005-Apr-21
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Apr-21
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Disclosed is a method for automatically configuring a data storage system. This method entails "self-discovering" data storage subsystems at well defined locations.

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Enterprise Library Controller (ELC) Auto Configuration Method

The embodiment of this invention includes an automated Tape Library, one or more Control Units, and one or more Library Controllers. The Library Controller does not directly communicate with the Tape Library. Instead, the Library Controller communicates to the Tape Library through Control Units. These Control Units are configured at well know IP addresses. All of these IP addresses are known to the Library Controller even if the Library Controller is not configured. During initial library configuration, the Library Controller attempts communications to each of the possible attached Control Units.

If the Library Controller can communicate with the Control Unit at that particular IP address, it will compare that information with the information that is already stored in the Library Controller configuration system file. If the Library Controller determines that the Control Unit is not located in the current configuration resource file, it will assume that the Control Unit is new to the configuration and configure that resource to be used by the Library Controller. If the Library Controller does not detect an attached Control Unit at a location in which the configuration resource information has indicated that there should be a Control Unit, the Library Controller will ask the CE to either accept the information, or remove the attached Control Unit or VTS.