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Web Service architecture for on-demand solutions Disclosure Number: IPCOM000124540D
Original Publication Date: 2005-Apr-26
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Apr-26
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A tracking/billing system for on-demand application is presented. This system will user web services infrastructure in order to exchange data between user and application owner

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Web Service architecture for on -demand solutions

The goal of the proposed structure is to have a tracking system for on-Demand application that can be integrated with a payment system.

All interfaces between the actors of the structure is build by web services in order to have the structure spreadable on a variety of systems due to a standardized approach.

In the following figure a full cycle for the system is described:

     1) The client wants to access to an application. So he asks the Application Owner for the permission. A minimal set of informations that the client must send in this phase includes: a User ID, client ID, an Application ID and a usage counter. The counter is an index, stored in the client side that tracks the usage of the resource (the application).

     2) The Application Owner performs a check on the Client Register. The module is in charge of checking that the client is allowed to use the application. This job can consist in checking that the user has payed for the usage.

     3) Optionally, the Application Owner can contact Payment Service in order to check for the actual payment situation of the Client.

     4) The Application Owner returns a replay to the client granting or denying permission.

5) In case of granting the client is redirected to the Application.


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