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Business Model: The ability of a user to cause bundling of packages via a common shipper. Disclosure Number: IPCOM000124542D
Original Publication Date: 2005-Apr-26
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Apr-26
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This business model proposes a method that allows a user to cause the bundling of expected packages to be done at the shipper's location.

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Business Model: The ability of a user to cause bundling of packages via a common shipper.

In today's internet world, one of the joys of shopping online is that one doesn't have to actually go to a store to buy an item. However, one of the downsides to this benefit is that sometimes, one has to sign for an item.

Depending on an item, some merchants require the receiver to sign for the item. A very annoying aspect to this is that one might have to spend multiple days sitting at home waiting for several independently ordered packages to arrive.

What is proposed is fairly straightfoward. If a user has a package being delivered by a shipper from store A and they also know that they have a second package that is being delivered 2 days later from the same shipper from store B, they can get online to shipper's web page and find an option on that page called "bundling".

Within the bundling option, there is a method to enter N-tracking numbers. This implies that shipper will hold each package from 1 to N-1 until the N'th package arrives. Upon scan detection of the N'th package, all packages are bundled together for shipment, the user is sent an email notification and knows to stay home to get "more packages".

First, this saves the receiver wasted days. If one knows that one is getting 3 packages that week, then the most number of days (with bundling) one would lose at home would be one day working from home, rather than waiting 3 separate days.

Second, the shipper, offerin...