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Over Center Latching with One Arm Activation and ESD Protection Of Hot Swap Memory Board Disclosure Number: IPCOM000124600D
Original Publication Date: 2005-Apr-29
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Apr-29
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Daughter card insertion to motherboard via interlocking over the center cam latches that offer ESD protection and in particular for a hot swap memory board.

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Over Center Latching with One Arm Activation and ESD Protection Of Hot Swap Memory Board

     The invention consist of a board with two cam levers, The two levers are made out of metal and form a conductive path to the framing ( which has EMC spring fingers) that is around the board thus satisfying the ESD aspect of the invention, One of the levers is long and other short. The long arm overlaps the shorter one and locks into the shorter one beyond the center of the shorter one's cam pivot - effectively locking the two levers together solving problem two above. The board to board connection is placed such that it is near to over the center of the short arm cam action so that only the short arm is used to eject the board from this connection - problem three above. The long arm activation - pulling it up trips a switch which tells the board to shut down. The long arm takes one second to pull up to it's opposition - long enough for the board to be shut down thus solving problem number four above. The long arm does not activate against the surrounding frame bracketry when ejecting the board so that no board movement upwards happens as the long handle is pulled - thus the time delay. This is accomplished in lowering the frame bracket surface that the long arm cam would normally operate against. However the long and short arm both cam in the board to board connection.

Thus the unique claims are:
1) Board with cam levers long and short,
2) one cam lever retraction, two cam leve...