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(RSS) Automated Checkbook Disclosure Number: IPCOM000124604D
Original Publication Date: 2005-Apr-29
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Apr-29
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This invention solves all these problems, using current technologies such as touch pad, wireless communication, and pda's. It's an automated checkbook that looks and functions like regular checkbook, but all that is required by the user is to write the checks and press a button to update the balance.

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(RSS) Automated Checkbook

     The automated checkbook has a digital (storage) screen that keeps track of all the transactions, including the actual checks that you write, automatic withdrawls by paying on-line, or atm transactions that maybe taking place that you aren't involved in
(i.e. spouse using it at a different location than where you are). It also has similar area for inserting your current checkbooks, but the "flap" part of the checkbook cover (used when you have duplicate check designs...provides a hard surface to write on the check) is digitized like a PDA screen (we'll call it the transaction screen), so it recognized the check # (by scanning), date, amount, and to whom you're making it out to, and it transfers that information/data to the storage screen. The transaction screen is connected to the storage screen, keeping track of all the checks that are being written, and it automatically calculates your new balance in your account. There are "tabs" on the storage screen that you can select for sorting your items into different categories. For example, you could see all of your recent deposits or ATM transactions on one screen. Each transaction would be expandable - just touch it and it shows you the time and date of the transaction, as well as the items purchased. It would be a "virtual receipt." This information is created when the checkbook communicates with the store at the time of purchase. When docked with your home computer, you would have the capability to print out your "vitual receipt." This eliminates the hassle of searching for receipts or storing them in a file.

     It also has wireless communication that works on a cellphone service provider communication line (i.e. Nextell), which is built-in to the storage screen. There is an "update" button available on the screen, which once activated, it will automatically connect to your secure account and update any withdrawls and deposits that have been performed in the account since the last activation occured and calculates...