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Incoming/Outgoing Email Reviewer Control Disclosure Number: IPCOM000124661D
Original Publication Date: 2005-May-03
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-May-03
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Disclosed is a solution for an Inline Email Reviewer Control which condenses the email review process. It allows users to have emails reviewed and sent forward without having to go back and forth several times. Utilizing the Inline Email Review Control saves users time by eliminating steps.

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Incoming/Outgoing Email Reviewer Control

Currently there are several intermittent actions that must take place to have an email reviewed before sending it out:
Step 1 : User A must compose the email and send it to User B for approval.

Step 2: User B must review and possibly edit the email Step 3: User B must send the email back to User A Step 4: User A sends the email forward now that it has been approved by User B

The Inline Email Reviewer Control eliminates several of the steps listed in the process above. It condenses steps 2,3,and 4 into one step. A 'Reviewer' field is added to the email UI. (See Red box in Figure 1) User A:Bethany Kessen composes an email TO: User A wants to have User B review the email before it is sent to By entering into the 'Reviewer' field the email will first go to User B. It is an intermittent send before going to

Figure 1

The email shows up in's inbox. From here UserB has several options (see Red box in Figure 2) they can send the email forward to BigTimePerson as is, make edits and send then send the revised email to BigTimePerson, forward the


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email on to someone else or make edits and forward the email back to Bethany Kessen for clarification.

Figure 2

If UserB decides that the email looks great and 'Sends' the will then show up in BigTimePe...