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Policy-Based Automatic Global Storage Management

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000124709D
Original Publication Date: 2005-May-03
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-May-03
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Current SAN or direct attached disk storage devices require regular intervention from the administrator via multiple interfaces to change the size of logical devices and filesystems. Proposed is a solution that allows for the automatic management of such devices and filesystems from the host system based upon policy definitions.

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Policy-Based Automatic Global Storage Management

Disclosed is a method that accomplishes policy-based automatic logical filesystem, volume, and disk expansion. At user-determined times, the method described scans existing devices, compares them with the thresholds defined in the storage management policy, and expands or reduces the device capacity or size based upon the results of the comparison.

Current SAN or direct-attached disk storage devices offer no feature or method to allow for the automatic expansion or reduction of the logical storage. If an administrator determines that too much storage has been allocated to a particular logical disk, it must be manually reduced. If an administrator determines that a particular logical disk is too small, it must likewise be manually expanded.

The proposed is an integrated solution that is able to use a set of rules, stored on a host in the SAN environment, to create or extend logical devices on a subsystem, extend volume groups and logical volumes, create or change filesystems, and present the newly configured storage to users without administrator intervention.

The proposed solution may be implemented as follows:

Through the integration of several devices and interfaces, one command can be used from the user interface to perform a set of functions. Ideally, instead of using the storage administrator GUI to increase the size of a logical drive, then using LVM commands to extend the volume group, change the logical volume, and change the filesystem, one automated command could perform all of these activities.

Integration also continues in the customer environment. A system that is able to autonomically make decisions about when and how to extend, reduce, create, or delete storage devices allows system administrators to focus time and energy on supporting our customers' business, rather than creating files...