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Workstation Security Tool Disclosure Number: IPCOM000124716D
Original Publication Date: 2005-May-04
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-May-04
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Security Self-Assessment of Workstation configurable dependent on Company Security Guidelines. Reporting of security compliance into different hierarchy levels (individual, business unit, country, geography, corporation)

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Workstation Security Tool

Corporate Security audits have indicated that the effort required by employees to keep their workstation compliant to Corporate Security guidelines is very time consuming and results in many cases where security compliance is not being met. This puts the companies infrastructure as well as the company itself into a vulnerable situation. In order to take the burden off the end user, a solution is proposed which assists employees in determining and fixing possible security issues on their workstation.

The solution includes a client software which is ready to be deployed to workstations. It then runs on a regular basis on the workstation, gathers information about pre-defined security items, provides a graphical summary to the enduser and prepares a report to be sent to a central database repository for further processing, allowing the creation of reports on a higher level.

The tool takes the burden off the employee to determine if her/his workstation is in a secure status according to the company's IT Security requirements. While various approaches of similar tools existed internally, The solution combines their functionalities into one single solution applicable to global deployment. The tool should be fast, reliable, unintrusive and globally adoptable, in terms of deploying it to many countries with different languages and legal/privacy requirements.