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"Extend Invitation" option in electronic calendar tools Disclosure Number: IPCOM000124840D
Original Publication Date: 2005-May-10
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-May-10
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This disclosure describes a new function of electronic calendar tools that allows for a more flexible means for deriving attendee lists for meetings. In current implementations of calendar tools, meetings can be scheduled and there are several options that the recipient of a meeting invite can choose. These typically include Accept, Decline, Delegate and Propose New Time. The Delegate option is very useful if the recipient cannot attend, or if he/she believes that another person is a more suitable attendee. Current electronic calendar tools do not however allow the invitee to extend the invitation to another person and remain themselves part of the meeting.

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"Extend Invitation" option in electronic calendar tools

The proposed solution adds a new option to be presented to the invitee, namely "Extend Invitation". On selecting this option the invitee will be able to choose one or more people to whom the invite will be extended. These people will receive personal copies of the invite that they can respond to using all of the options that the original invitees had available. The consequence of extending the invite will also be that the original invitee will accept the invite and it will be added to his/her calendar too.

     The present solution works by using a process similar to the delegate function in order to create fresh invites for the people identified by the original invitee. This process will allow more than one additional invitee. In addition, rather than removing the original invitee from the meeting, as the delegate function does, the system will automatically apply the Accept function in order to keep the original invitee in the meeting and to add the details to his/her calendar.