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Attach a further message to an e-mail Disclosure Number: IPCOM000124841D
Original Publication Date: 2005-May-10
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-May-10
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As per current mailing systems implementation and TCP/IP protocol there is no guarantee about the delivery order of messages through a mailing system. The scope of this disclosure is to describe a system to guarantee that two subsequent messages are delivered and received in a specific order.

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Attach a further message to an e-mail

When sending an e-mail it could be necessary to attach to this e-mail another notification (call it "inner messages" as it can be one or more than one). It could also be the case that this further notification should be known only to a subset of people and not to the entire list of the original notification.

     In this case it will not help to send two different e-mails, one with the original notification and another one to a subset of recipients. In this case, in fact, the sender can not be sure about the order the recipients will receive them. Depending on delivery algorithm on the mail server and network traffic it could happen that the second e-mail will be received before the first one.

     The idea is to have a way to specify that a further message, with the same characteristics of an e-mail, needs to be delivered along with the current message. This added message will be actually part of the original e-mail and will be shown only to the interested recipients.

     The e-mail program will present a feature to determine if a further message is needed. In such a case this new further message will be created as it was an e-mail specifying the recipients, the content and so on.

     When such e-mail will be received if the receiver is not in the list of the receiver of the "inner message" he/she will not be aware of anything different from the standard. In case he/she is one of the receiver of the "inner message" he/she will be notify that...