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Alternate Absorbent Product Fold and Packaging for Discreet Usage, Storage, and Transporting Disclosure Number: IPCOM000124850D
Publication Date: 2005-May-10
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Cynthia L. Wyngaard: AUTHOR


A new method of folding and packaging an absorbent product is shown. The method can improve the discretion and compactness of the product.

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Alternate Absorbent Product Fold and Packaging for Discreet Usage, Storage, and Transporting

  Cynthia L. Wyngaard Kimberly-Clark Corporation Neenah, Wisconsin

Discretion with the use of an absorbent product has been a key issue or concern among nighttime enuretic children and their parents. Those who use an absorbent product, which may include any form of absorbent pant, have expressed through focus groups, a need for the product to be easily and discreetly packaged, stored, and transported to aid in avoiding any form of embarrassment with the use of the product. Many nighttime enuretic children attend sleepovers and have a need to carry an absorbent product with them in their overnight bag. Others have a need for discretion when storing the product at home or when traveling on vacation or summer camp. Packaging and the form in which the product is presented in and out of the bag become important features.

Child absorbent pant users who attend such activities as sleepovers, vacation, or summer camp find various discreet ways of transporting their absorbent product. Many use some form of disposable bag with a tight closure. This bag many times is also used to dispose of the product after use. Odor is another discretion concern and the bag used may also provide a means of managing the odor of used product.

Many absorbent products are currently folded at the center crotch area with the side panels tucked inside of the product. A product folded in this configuration makes it difficult to conceal due to the overall size. Offering an alternate means of folding the product such that it is smaller and more compact would provide a less noticeable and more easily concealed product for both storage and transportation. A more compact fold would also provide the opportunity to individually wrap each product in a discreetly colored opaque bag to conceal the product while offering a means of disposal following use.

Absorbent products are consistently becoming thinner and the absorbent insert through time has trended away from a rectangular shaped pad and toward an absorbent pad with a narrower crotch versus front and back pad widths. While such changes may provide fit benefits, contoured product shapes challenge packaging and...