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Self-adaptive multi home-page using interest indicators Disclosure Number: IPCOM000124869D
Original Publication Date: 2005-May-11
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-May-11
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A program is disclosed that allows to reverse the logic where a Web user must auto-define (and modify every time) his multi-home page set: this software works in dynamic balance through presenting current Web user profile (current home page set) and updating it collecting a set of user interests.

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Self-adaptive multi home-page using interest indicators

What is the scenario?

     Latest Internet browsers' generation (i.e. Mozilla, Firefox etc.) can use the 'one instance, more tab' way: a single window can manage multiple navigation tabs. Using a common feature for these Internet browsers, it is possible to design a specific browser extension (a toolbar or a plug-in that we can call MyBrowserExtension-II, MBE-II from here) to directly interact with the user, to catch browser events and to manage multiple home pages.

How to add adaptive home-pages set

     Having a look to simple user actions, the MBE-II can extrapolate the interest of a user in order to adaptively manage a dynamic set of home-pages that can be provided in addition to the preferred ones. The MBE-II uses a pluggable set of II-triggers (known as Interest Indicators) to understand the intentions of the user. Status of art about II shows two big families: - EII (Explicit II) where users tell the system what they think about a Web site; - III (Implicit II) where the rating is obtained by a method other than obtaining it 'directly' from the user (looking time, page hit, page followed, page printed, scrolling page time, mouse activity).

These two methods can be combined for more accurate rating.


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Figure 1 : MBE-II architecture with EII and III knowledgebase.

     MBE-II provides a GUI widget through which the user can explicate his interest in a range from very interesting, interesting, neutral, not i...