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Multi home-page for multi-tabbed Internet browsers Disclosure Number: IPCOM000124870D
Original Publication Date: 2005-May-11
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-May-11
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A program is disclosed that allows a Web user to easily access his preferred set of home pages when the Internet browser is starting-up or through a ?multi-home? button on the browser's toolbar.

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Multi home-page for multi-tabbed Internet browsers

What is the scenario?

Every Web user, every day, accesses multiple Internet pages when surfing the Net. Depending from his particular interesting, the user opens more browser windows every showing a Web site: it is a classic scenario when you look at preferred news site, personal Web mail, intranet home page, online bank account etc. This causes every day, many times a day, open browser window instances and access personal bookmark to reach desired Web site.

A multi home-page Internet browser

Latest Internet browsers' generation (i.e. Mozilla, Firefox etc.) can use the 'one instance, more tab' way: a single window can manage multiple navigation tabs.

Figure 1 : An example of multi tab Internet browser

     So, using a common feature for these Internet browsers, it is possible to design a specific browser extension (a toolbar or a plug-in that we can call MyBrowserExtension, MBE from here) to manage configurable user preferences about a set of preferred home-pages.


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Figure 2 : MBE interaction layout

     In this way the 'home-page' concept is generalized and managed as a 'multi home-page' feature through a well defined preferences panel as the following:

Figure 3 : Multi home-page preferences panel.

With MBE the user can easily access his preferred set of home pages at the browser


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