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Map Minder Disclosure Number: IPCOM000124889D
Original Publication Date: 2005-May-11
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-May-11
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Map Minder is an inexpensive alternative to current assisted automobile navigation. One form of typical trip planning process involves going online and generating map directions from a number of popular services and then printing these directions out. A driver then coordinates the given map data with his/her in-car odometer while following the route. Map Minder aids this process by importing these directions into the in-car system and alerting the driver when the odometer reaches mileage shown on the directions.

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Map Minder

Cost/Safety in Trip Navigation

Many automobiles today currently already have digital odometers integrated with a number of other systems in an embedded design. Map Minder is a low-cost extension of these designs. It requires very little hardware additions, simply a port added to the current embedded system and a small program operating on the current microcontroller. Use of a home personal computer teams with the in car system to provide navigation data to the driver.

This solution is safer since the driver will not be distracted by programming the unit while driving, rather the trip is programmed in advance.

MapMinder is intended to be a simple extension of current car embedded alphanumeric information systems and can be implemented simply as a program and additional data input port. Online turn-by-turn map data would presumably be simplified into data structures and downloaded into a USB keychain memory device or something similar (perhaps even the car key). A simple script transcodes various online service html map directions pages into a common data structure that includes the textual map direction, and the relative mileage in the trip.

Sample Map Data:

FROM: Cincinnati, OH TO: Columbus, OH~ Total Distance: 101.50 miles
Total Estimated Time: 1 hour, 41 minutes



     1: Start out going West on ELM AVE toward STATION AVE. 0.01 miles

     2: Turn LEFT onto STATION AVE. 0.10 miles

     3: Turn LEFT onto SHERMAN AVE. 0.05 miles

     4: Turn LEFT onto MONTGOMERY RD/OH-3/US-22. Continue to follow MONTGOMERY RD/OH-3. 0.32 miles

     5: Turn RIGHT onto NORWOOD AVE. 0.16 miles

     6: Turn RIGHT onto WESLEY AVE. 0.06 miles

7: Merge onto OH-562 E via the ramp- on the left.
0.89 miles 8: Merge onto I-71 N toward COLUMBUS. 99.08 miles

9: Take the US-23 S exit number 100A- toward FRONT ST/HIGH ST.
0.02 miles


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     10: Stay straight to go onto W FULTON ST. 0.12 miles

     11: W FULTON ST becomes W LIVINGSTON AVE. 0.10 miles

     12: Turn LEFT onto S HIGH ST. 0.53 miles

     13: Turn RIGHT onto E STATE ST. 0.07 miles

Total Estimated Time:Total Distance: 101.50 miles 1 hour, 41 minutes

The data keychain device would then be taken from the computer it was generated on an...