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Advanced Representation and Interpretation of Dynamic MBeans Disclosure Number: IPCOM000124899D
Original Publication Date: 2005-May-11
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-May-11
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Advanced representation of dynamic mbean attributes

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Advanced Representation and Interpretation of Dynamic MBeans

MBeans represent components and services within a j2ee application server. Currently the attributes and operations of an MBean offer a String description of the attribute or operation. This is not very useful in a multinational business environment and there is no standard mechanism for describing or representing mBean attributes in more detail.

Provides sets of tools for developers to represent translation information (so that the client can translate client side rather than just accepting the locale of the server) and sets of valid options for settable attributes.

Provides dynamic gui as a web application that can interpret, present, set attribute values or invoke operations. Uses only valid options and translates everything to the client locale.

Using string delimiters a complex MBean description object is serialized into a string and exposed using the MBean attribute's or operation's description.

MBeanInfo is requested by the gui, which deserializes the MBean description and creates a meta data object. The interpreter takes the meta data object and presents it in the gui providing translation (using nls keys), valid options (so that the user does not have to know what to set the value to) or parameters (for operations).