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Method For Cost Reduction Accelerated Disk Drive Corrosion Testing Disclosure Number: IPCOM000124903D
Publication Date: 2005-May-11
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Benefit of Accelerated Disk Drive Corrosion Testing

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Method For Cost Reduction Accelerated Disk Drive Corrosion Testing

This disclosure describes the benefit of accelerated disk drive corrosion testing for providing fast feedback about media corrosion performance. Disk drive long term reliability is the most important to disk media development; all newly developed media are tested in disk drives, with simulated field performance conditions and data is taken to evaluate long term field reliability performance.

Conventional method for disk drive level corrosion testing is to use a constant temp/humidity soak cycle, followed by dry out period, followed by functional testing. Conventional test method can take several weeks and may not stress the head/disk interface to cause corrosion growth.

Accelerated disk drive corrosion testing consists of testing completed disk drives in a customer usage environment at accelerated constant temp/humidity condition while running functional drive testing to accelerate failure mode. Functional test can be run at any frequency to look for failures and hard error sites, then defect corrosion sites can be marked for performance and failure analysis evaluation.

As shown in the chart below, cells 1,2,3 were testing with conventional test methods over the course of (9 weeks) and no corrosion failures occurred. Accelerated corrosion testing was applied to similar cells and with in one week, corrosion failures occurred and performance reliability data could be taken. It was determined that ac...