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Method and Business Process to Provide Automatic Location and Arrival Time Information. Disclosure Number: IPCOM000124922D
Original Publication Date: 2005-May-13
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-May-13
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Disclosed is a method and business process to provide automatic location and arrival time information.

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Method and Business Process to Provide Automatic Location and Arrival Time Information.

Given the small size and low cost of GPS (Global Positioning System) receivers it will be readily understood that it is possible to install GPS receivers in small hand held mobile devices or on vehicles. The exact present position of such GPS equipped devices can be automatically sent to a data base in a Data Service Center. The method of transmitting this data could be over a commercial mobile telephone network. The location information could be superimposed onto street maps already present in the data base. Route information and current traffic data and a reasonable prediction about arrival time can be computed automatically and also combined with the other information in the database.

Access to the information in the database could be made available for a fee to subscribers who have an interest in obtaining this information.

Figure 1 shows one possible embodiment of this invention.

Note that the system uses GPS information from the user's handheld device. Including this additional GPS information enables computations on the intersecting vectors of the two GPS devices (vehicle such as bus or ambulance and the handheld device). This then enables features such as simultaneously estimating the ETA of the vehicle to a target location (e.g., bus stop) and the ETA of the handheld device to the same target location, and whether the devices will be at the target location at the same...