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Defect And Source Change Tracker for easy Regression testing Disclosure Number: IPCOM000125091D
Original Publication Date: 2005-May-18
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-May-18
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Defect And Source Change Tracker (DASCT) is a software product feature that allows tracking of specific lines of code changed to fix a reported defect. Once the link between defect (software bug) and lines of code are made, defect author will be notified via e-mail whenever future code changes are made in that area.

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Defect And Source Change Tracker for easy Regression testing

Disclosed is a software product feature that is unique from others in that specific lines of code are linked with a software defect report. Previous disclosures identify files changed to fix a reported defect, but not specific lines of code. Subsequent changes to specific code alerts defect author that regression testing of that code may be required.

Defect And Source Change Tracker (DASCT) can be used to implement tight integration between defects and the code changed to resolve them. Using DASCT, when a developer starts fixing a defect, there is a link created between the defect and the lines of source code that changed. Thus it is indirectly creating a relation between the source code controller and bug tracker for the lines of code changed for each defect. When a developer modifies source used to fix another defect, this integration will warn them about breaking the defect already fixed. The responsible quality engineer can also be notified that code has been modified and that they might need to revalidate one or more related defects. There is also a link between the source code and the defect, so if the defect reappears in the future; it is easy for the developer the see the code he changed to fix this defect.

To implement Defect And Source Change Tracker (DASCT), it is necessary to establish a link/bridge between the source code control (change management) solution and defect-tracking tool. When the developer fixes a defect, they need to reference what source code that is changing in source code control. Once the source code is changed, using DASCT, the defect tracker will store the lines changed to fix this defect. The next time a developer touches the same code, DASCT will warn that the same code resolves another defect. Developers can still do the changes, (some cases it may be necessary), but the quality engineer responsible for the defect will be notified of the source code modification. The quality engineer can v...