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Carrier Selection Based on Cost Comparison Disclosure Number: IPCOM000125096D
Original Publication Date: 2005-May-18
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-May-18
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Disclosed is a method for carrier selection based on cost comparison

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Carrier Selection Based on Cost Comparison

The purpose of this invention is to provide the subscriber with advance information about the billing consequences of mobile device use before the service is rendered.

 With this information the subscriber may then choose to either proceed to place a call or wait for another time when the rates are lower. Furthermore, using the method described in this invention, the subscriber will have the ability to select service from among several service providers. This is analogous to selecting which gasoline to fill up with based on advertised prices.

 Factors that affect mobile charges include: Calendar (e.g., weekend rates), Time of day (e.g., after 9:00 PM), Location (e.g., metropolitan or rural), Type of data to be transmitted (e.g., voice, text, images, audio, other), Quantity of data to be transmitted (e.g, number of bytes to be transmitted.)

 The rate structure is well known and is regulated. However, because many factors can affect the specific charge, most subscribers cannot compute it easily at the moment they are trying to complete a data transfer.

 Because all of the information is available at the time the call is placed, it is possible to give this information to the user before the call is connected. It will be understood that the term 'call' can include many types of data transmissions, such as SMS, MMS, e-mail, internet based data downloads, and other types of data base synchronizations to mention only a few.

 Moreover, in some regions, there are multiple carriers offering similar services. If there are multiple secondary carriers the user will receive quot...