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Test Environment Builder Disclosure Number: IPCOM000125128D
Original Publication Date: 2005-May-19
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-May-19
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Test Environment Builder (TEB) is an automated tool that can analyze, build, maintain, and remove a test environment from a production environment.

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Test Environment Builder


TEB is a mainframe tool to automate the building of the test environments, including

executable components (Load Modules, JCL, PROCS, PARMS, transaction definitions, etc)

and data components (Application Database definition & data files, sequential files, VSAM

files, etc). The tool is made up of a series steps and processes that an environment

coordinators/testers/developers can follow to build the environment. TEB will provide a

structured approach for building the environment so that the process is repeatable and


TEB is comprised of the following three layers:

1. Application layer
* Automated analysis assistance to identify components & xref
* Automated executable component build (Application load modules, PROCs, etc)

* Automated data component build (Application data files and databases)
* Automated Data Distillation
* Automated component migration
* Automated backup/restore
* Automated cleanup
2. Database Definition Layer
* Automated data definition build
* Automated infrastructure build
* Automated cleanup
3. Systems layer
* Automated system definitions (CICS table definitions, etc)
* Automated cleanup

The internal make up of TEB system consists of two component types:
* USER Component - Consists of ISPF panels and REXX EXECS.
* BATCH Component - Consists of a series of batch jobs that are submitted.