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Effective information collection based on the multi-weight method Disclosure Number: IPCOM000125139D
Original Publication Date: 2005-May-20
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-May-20
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Disclosed is an idea to collect information effectively from several search sites by means of a multi-weight method. The method collects results from several search sites and sorts them based on a weight value.

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Effective information collection based on the multi -weight method

In these days, to find information or knowledge from the internet we always use some sort of search site.

Gathering information not from one search site but from several sites at once to obtain necessary information is becoming important.

With this issue, a method to collect information from several search sites at once, called meta-search was implemented.

However this implementation simply listed the search results without any organized order, and therefore did not propose an effective information collection method.

The idea proposed, focuses on the following two points. The first is to organize the information by weighting each result from each search site. The weighting value is calculated based on the rank of each search site's results. If there is an overlapping search result among search sites, the mean of those weight values is calculated and the overlapping results are excluded except for one. By sorting the gathered results by the weight value, effective information collection can be performed.

The second is to propose easy-to-understand displays of the search results. The display shows not only the weight-sorted search results, but also the original search results of each search site for easy understanding to users.

Fig1 shows the system architecture and the processing flow of the method. The system consists of three components; the first is the client browser, the second is the search ser...