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Phone number information service with semi-automatic call transfer Disclosure Number: IPCOM000125142D
Original Publication Date: 2005-May-20
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-May-20
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Disclosed is a system for a phone number infromation service by which a caller can readily make a call to the phone number on inquiry. A caller needs to memorize the phone number using existing system inconveniently, but this disclosed makes the call transfered to the phone number semi-automatically.

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Phone number information service with semi -automatic call transfer

This disclosed aimes that a caller can readily make a call to the phone number which he or she inquires using a phone number information service. Existing phone number information serivice provider don't privide a call transfer to the phone number on inquiry. One reason is the caller cannot select telephone company to use, and another is he or she cannot determine when makes the call.

The main idea is the service provider calls back to the caller with an assumed caller number. This assumed caller number is set to the phone number the caller has inquired. When the caller receives the call back, the guidance of "This is the call back from the service provider" might be announced. After the call, a call answer log from the phone number remains on the telephone or cellphone of the caller. Therefore the caller can make a call to the phone number readily using the call back function of the telephone or cellphone.

A caller number is usually set by a telephone company, or by PBX from the range that a telephone company deligate. The new function are introduced to the telephone company with the service provider connected in order to make it possible to set an assumed caller number. It is easily implimented by expanding existing function, that makes PBX can set caller numer.

Enclosed are drawaings that explain this disclosed.

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Telephone company network

Phone number information servic...